For already 8 years, at the highest level! I’m dealing with various celebrations and weddings.



  I’ve been a guest on more than 100 weddings and I can ensure you. That have enough experience to say that I know how should look you’re special occasion!



 On my account there are more than 40 corporate holidays and summer days of various companies.



I have prepared over 100 fun and exciting games with guests that will bring joy and fun to your celebration!


I love my job and do it responsibly!

Nikolay Bentsler is a cheerful, creative, and responsible young host with a great sense of humour. My creative mind and ability to quickly understand the audience allows me to respond to any situation during the celebration in a quick and polite manner.
No vulgar wedding or anniversary celebration contests. I offer the best possible new contests.

I strongly believe that the main rule of organising celebrations is not simply being a host, but also being aware of all the problems and situations that must remain unknown to the customer. My responsibility is to solve any problem occurring during the celebration in such a way that the customer is able to continue to relax and enjoy the evening. Indeed, I will deal with unforeseen situations!

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