The basis for the script and the script for the celebration itself is always the responsibility of the host.

Every celebration consists of specific stages that include games, dances, and traditional moments.
However, there is room for quality additions.

If you want to positively surprise your guests and add a little extra something to your evening, it would be my pleasure to offer the services of my partners and colleagues performing at events.

Mr Ants Vaher is a magnificent violinist perfect for the arrival of guests for the wedding.

A ballet performance led by Prima Ballerina Nadezhda Antipenko is a gem for literally any event; it will add refinement and grace to the celebration and take you to the world of art and classics.

Mr Aleksandr Zamashka is one of the best magicians in the country who has won and continues to win at international competitions, is able to communicate with the audience gracefully, and shows tricks with the actual element of surprise.

Singer Yekaterina Nikolayeva-Kordas boasts superb jazz vocals, a beautiful repertoire, and amazing radiance that will make the dance floor burn under your feet.

A bubble show is suitable not only for children celebrations, but will also pleasantly surprise adults.

The comedy duo that consists of Mr Vadim Malyshkin and Mr Nikolai Bentsler always offers a light and humorous performance with interactive activities for guests, perfect for weddings and anniversary celebrations.

Fire Show is very suitable to end the evening and gives guests a warm feeling.

Street work out show offers a striking demonstration of what the human body is capable of and will strike you even more with the fact that all the tricks seem to be performed by ordinary students, not circus acrobats.

The range of services will be gradually expanding – if there is anything you cannot find on the website, make sure to ask me personally. I will always help you find the desired person for your celebration.