I love my job and do it responsibly!

Nikolay Bentsler is a cheerful, creative, and responsible young host with a great sense of humour. My creative mind and ability to quickly understand the audience allows me to respond to any situation during the celebration in a quick and polite manner.

No vulgar wedding or anniversary celebration contests. I offer the best possible new contests.

I strongly believe that the main rule of organising celebrations is not simply being a host, but also being aware of all the problems and situations that must remain unknown to the customer. My responsibility is to solve any problem occurring during the celebration in such a way that the customer is able to continue to relax and enjoy the evening. Indeed, I will deal with unforeseen situations!

Nikolay Bentsler – a young, creative, and cheerful wedding host:+372 53 58 38 49

  • 29 years old

  • Film, theatre and advertising actor 

  • Radio host

  • Founder and member of the comic show “Wrong Address” (Russian: Не По Адресу)

As well as wedding, anniversary celebration, and corporate event host

  • 8 years of experience in being a wedding host

  • More than 100 weddings

  • More than 40 corporate events and summer days

  • Zero vulgar jokes and contents

  • More than 100 enjoyable games for guests

My language skills allow me to be a host at celebrations held in Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, German, and Italian, languages,
thus extending my work range outside Estonia.
My track list includes weddings in Finland and Sweden.

You have doubts, don’t you? I thought so, but if my customers invite to their celebration somebody who does not understand the two main languages, I take the responsibility to make sure that they understand what is happening around them.

In early January 2014, for a wedding with a groom of Italian decent, I mastered the Italian language in just a few months.